Stinky Dog Breath? Try These Natural Sweeteners

Stinky Dog Breath? Try These Natural Sweeteners

We all love our dogs. But their stinky breath? Not so much. A poor-quality bone, too much plaque on the teeth, or even a genetic disposition can all cause bad breath. Fortunately, many of the same natural remedies that sweeten our breath can also help our furry friends.

Parsley: This herb gets its bright-green color from chlorophyll, which is a natural deodorizer that can help fight bad breath, if only temporarily. Sprinkle a pinch or two of chopped parsley onto your animal's food.

Dill: For a powerful antibacterial punch that can help kill mouth-odor-causing germs, sprinkle freshly chopped dill onto your dog's food. (Dill can help with other stinky problems too -- it supports digestion and can help relieve flatulence.)

Carrots: Grate some carrots into your dog's food and it will help remove bacteria from her teeth and gums. Less bacteria equals fresher breath!

Apples: Juicy apple slices can help remove residue from your dog's teeth. Apples are also a great source of fiber and vitamin A. Just make sure not to give the seeds or core, which are choking hazards.

Celery: While not as exciting as apples or carrots to many dogs, celery is a healthy treat that helps to freshen doggie breath. Cut it up into small pieces and remove any stringy parts.

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